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ex_ka in derbycityfurs

Halloween party coming up in October

Hello Louisville peeps, just thought I'd let you all know about this event since it is open to all KY and surrounding furs. I'm going to be cross-posting this in a few places, so apologies if you've seen it before. Just looking to hit as broad a population as possible. :3

"It may seem like quite a while away, but Halloween will be here before you can don a fursuit and say trick-or-treat.

My last Halloween party was a few years ago, and that one brought in a lot of new blood to the local community. A lot of lasting friendships were formed and that was quite awesome. I love to see that happen. So it's been quite a while, but events conspire to make this October 31 fall on a Friday, which means perfect party weather for we busy college students and workers alike. :3

I want to make this party something to have memories about! Everyone from KY and surrounding areas is welcome to attend! Hell, if you have a friend visiting from Hawaii around that time, they're welcome too!

My only stipulation is that this be a costume party. Feel free to show up in fursuit if you like, but it would be even cooler if your fursuit had a costume too!

If you want to give your costume a furry theme, that's fine, but just use your imagination. I'm considering a costume contest with little fun prizes to give away to the top three. :D

Of course there will also be snacks and refreshments, so mark your calendars!"

This event will take place at my home in Lexington, but as mentioned, it is an open invite. More info will be provided as the date approaches. For further info/discussion, visit KYFurs.com :)


nice to see you on the LJ Group here.

Hope everyone has a good time! I'll be volunteering that night in suit, so I won't be able to make it.
Thanks! Just wanted to make sure the world got around. Otherwise there isn't much reason for me to be here honestly. :>

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