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Stauros by AnimeCat

stauros in derbycityfurs

Any idea who this might be?

Several times in the past few weeks I've seen an older Honda sedan with a bumper sticker reading "Mary had a little lamb ... but I ate it". Tonight I stopped at a grocery store and the car was parked between me & the entrance. On the shelf behind the back seat, in plain view, was a partly-completed painting of a blue-eyed anthro wolf.

I'm not going all stalky here ... I just want to know if this person has a website.


I know who that is!
It is my friend Dissy. She is full of good times.

Golly, that was quick! Thanks for the link!
Lol yo Stauros. You've apparently totally been following me XD

My name is Amanda aka Dissy. Nice to meet you :P I am pleasantly surprised to find another fur that lives out in my area. One day, we shall meet! And that grocery store-- totally work there in the bakery/deli.
I have four cubs ... that's why I'm at the grocery store all the time!

It was two Hallowe'ens ago I bumped into Darktiger (in suit) and that was the first local fur I met.

Back when the library had a writing contest for adults, I entered one of my furry short stories. It's in the 2003 collection.
LOL, apparently you are going to randomly find most of the local furs.
... at the rate of one every two years! ;D
:> That partially painted character is my fursona!
I hope wolf is the right species ... the pic was more upside down than not from my pov.

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